Behind Rebel Lines March 10 2010

The Civil war book I've just finished reading was 'Behind Rebel Lines' by Seymour Reit. This book made me feel bad for Emma when she went on her first spy mission behind the lines she came up with a disguise as a man slave. She had to work in the hot sun no breaks till noon but she still got a lot of information about the confederates. Something else that made me feel sad was when she just got the news that one of her old friends had joined the army, he was Lieutenant James. He was also the spy for the Union and he got shot in his neck and was dead before they brought his body in to the camp. Emma was really disappointed she hoped she could keep her secret with him. A connection I have from this book is when Emma realized that her friend passed away it was hard to believe it was hard for me to believe that my grandmother had passed away too. This helped me understand Emma's pain and why she took place for James. This is a just right book for me because in the beginning of the book I had to slowly understand the story and Emma's pain but I had already understood the text.

The two main characters I want to talk about are Emma and Franklin Thompson, her name for joining the army. Emma has the quality of being a boy but she is a girl she's daring. She changes when she joins the army she realizes that war isn't play and maybe it wasn't good to join but she was daring enough to do it as a girl its amazing to do this type of sneaking in thing. She changes because at the end she realizes how bad it was to sign up for the army and how bad it was to sign up as the spy. Franklin Thompson is Emma just her war name its just that she acts differently like she was meant to be a boy. She changes in this book when she realizes how to act like a girl again because at the end of the book she goes back to acting like a girl because it was probably hard to transform back into a lady like girl.

The problem of the story was solved when Emma was able to go home even though she ran away from the boot camp because she went back to her normal life being safe and unharmed. I felt good about the ending of the book because Emma was able to escape the army unharmed and nobody knew her identity. I'd change the part of the book when Emma was dressed up as a man slave she had to work hard and she was treated badly. I didn't like this part because the book was really descriptive about the book I would like it if she didn't get very injured. The authors message was that everyone should be daring because Emma did a lot of dangerous things but fun to some people. The message is saying try to be a little risky don't live in a box.