Tracker - May 4 2010

The book I have just finished reading is Tracker by Gary Paulsen. This book made me feel sad when I found out that Johns grandfather is going to die there was nothing he could do I got worried and sad at the same time because John loved his grandfather, his parents were dead and he lived with his grandfather and grandmother for most of his life so to know that one of the people that are taking care of you are going to die it makes you feel worried for this person. The book also made me feel surprised at some of Johns actions for example when John goes hunting by himself not with his grandfather you would think that he'd go hunting and then come back to his dying grandfather but he didn't which surprised me. A connection I have with the book is when John thinks in his head about the idea of his grandfather dead it makes him weep and cry to just see him in his head. This happened to me except I saw my grandfather weak which made my eyes blur it was very hard to imagine him like this. This connection helps me to understand how John was feeling. This is a just right book for me because I can make connections to understand the characters feelings but I wasn't good in predictions of the book or understanding some sentences.

A character I want to talk about is John. John went through some tough times in the beginning understanding that there was nothing he could do for his grandfather, but when he goes hunting by him self not what he usually does he seems to forget about his grandfather all he cared about was hunting down this deer which seemed to be special. John changes because in the beginning of the book he's worried about his grandfather then he seems to forget which was a surprising turn in the book but then he comes back home and remembers his grandfather but is not as unhappy as he was before. I also want to talk about John's grandmother. Knowing that someone who loves you is going to die is bad but knowing that the person your married to is going to die is worse. John's grandmother must have heard this news and must have thought that it was not true but everyone's time comes. John's grandmother weeped when no one was looking she cried all the time but when John leaves and he's gone for two days she seems to only think about John. I think she was only worried about John because she knew that her husband was going to die and I don't think she would want to lose some one else that she loved and cared about. Another reason is what will happen to her she was only a house wife what would she do to eat, how would she get money? I think that these things were the things that worried her the most. She changes because like John she was worried about her husband but now she understands every one's time comes ad she has to except that.

The problem of the story was resolved when John manages to track the doe and touch her. He then understands that every thing does not have to be slaughtered. I find this a strange resolution because the first problem of the story was John's grandfather dying, I thought that there would be some mistake and he lived but then the story is steered in a differrent direction as John's mind is focused on touching a doe. I found this strange why did he want to touch the doe? The author never really put any information about this which surprised me. What I would change in the book would be the part of John trying to touch the deer this was strange and I don't think it had anything to do with John's grandfather. The authors theme would be life goes on and you can't stop it. First you come to the world then your time comes and you leave. This a true message but I do not like how it was written into the book.

My Sister Jodie- April 22nd 2010

I have just finished reading the book my my sister Jodie by Jacquline Wilson. This was a very deep book about the relationship of the two sisters Pearl and Jodie I always felt happy when Pearl would look up to Jodie to do the right things it made me feel like I was the one looking for advice from and elder. The book also made me feel awkward about some of the crazy things that Jodie did for example when Jodie told the 5 year olds the story ghosts and ghouls I didn't understand why she did that because they were really young and they could have got really frightened by these stories. A connection I have with this book is when Jodie starts to make friends of her own but still remembers Pearl and watches over her it reminds me of when all of my sisters friends had left and I comforted her through the hard times of making friends. This is a just right book for me because I understand the characters emotions through out the book and I understand the problems between the sisters because I can connect to some of the same fights me and my sister have had.

The two big characters in the book would be Pearl and Jodie. Jodie is wild, crazy and strange but she always remembers the most important thing in her life, Pearl. When Jodie's family moves to a posh school her parents think that she will turn into one of these posh girls too. Jodie stays the same during the summer still daring and courageous but when term starts Jodie is pushed by all the people in her grade level teasing her hair, which is bright orange. Jodie tries to fit in by dying her hair. Jodie starts to accept that she had to become a little more posh. She slowly becomes more responsible rather than her crazy self. Pearl is exactly the opposite of Jodie she's timid shy doesn't like making friends and very brainy. Pearl always followed her big sister wanting to dress like her act like her and grow up to be her. This all changes when Pearl goes to this posh school and starts making friensd. Everyone in Pearls last class would tease her and poke her shove her and be mean but she actually starts to fit in with the children who are just like her. Pearl starts to change now she doesn't need her sister to rely on she's brave still timid but now can make friends.

The problem of the story was resolved when Jodie started to fit in with the children in her class. I think the resolution was a perfect way for Jodie to fit in because she still has the touch of being adventurous. It made me feel that Jodie would be okay at this school and people would accept her I was relieved. The part of the book that I would like to change would be at the end of the book which ends tragically as Jodie falls off a tower and passes away. I would like to end the book with Jodie's family staying at Melchester College which was the only place where Pearl fit in but at the end they could never stand to see the tower again. I think Jacquline's message is keep the ones you love close to you at all times no matter what happens.

Behind Rebel Lines March 10 2010

The Civil war book I've just finished reading was 'Behind Rebel Lines' by Seymour Reit. This book made me feel bad for Emma when she went on her first spy mission behind the lines she came up with a disguise as a man slave. She had to work in the hot sun no breaks till noon but she still got a lot of information about the confederates. Something else that made me feel sad was when she just got the news that one of her old friends had joined the army, he was Lieutenant James. He was also the spy for the Union and he got shot in his neck and was dead before they brought his body in to the camp. Emma was really disappointed she hoped she could keep her secret with him. A connection I have from this book is when Emma realized that her friend passed away it was hard to believe it was hard for me to believe that my grandmother had passed away too. This helped me understand Emma's pain and why she took place for James. This is a just right book for me because in the beginning of the book I had to slowly understand the story and Emma's pain but I had already understood the text.

The two main characters I want to talk about are Emma and Franklin Thompson, her name for joining the army. Emma has the quality of being a boy but she is a girl she's daring. She changes when she joins the army she realizes that war isn't play and maybe it wasn't good to join but she was daring enough to do it as a girl its amazing to do this type of sneaking in thing. She changes because at the end she realizes how bad it was to sign up for the army and how bad it was to sign up as the spy. Franklin Thompson is Emma just her war name its just that she acts differently like she was meant to be a boy. She changes in this book when she realizes how to act like a girl again because at the end of the book she goes back to acting like a girl because it was probably hard to transform back into a lady like girl.

The problem of the story was solved when Emma was able to go home even though she ran away from the boot camp because she went back to her normal life being safe and unharmed. I felt good about the ending of the book because Emma was able to escape the army unharmed and nobody knew her identity. I'd change the part of the book when Emma was dressed up as a man slave she had to work hard and she was treated badly. I didn't like this part because the book was really descriptive about the book I would like it if she didn't get very injured. The authors message was that everyone should be daring because Emma did a lot of dangerous things but fun to some people. The message is saying try to be a little risky don't live in a box.

The Rumpelstiltskin Problem - March 2 2010

The book I have just finished reading was 'The Rumpelstiltskin Problem' by Vivian Vande Velde. This book was an interesting book and it made me feel disgusted and happy at the same time. The part in the book that disgusted me was when Rumplestiltskin stamped his foot and he falls down a crack and his brothers holds his foot but Rumplestiltskin fell down the crack and his brother was holding his leg so he ate it. The part of the book that made me happy was when Della asked Rumplestiltskin to take her between the particles to where Rumplestiltskin lived. Then the lived happily ever after. A connection I have from this book to another book was when Rumplestiltskins or the domovoi had to take care of everyone in the house the house elfs in the Harry Potter series had to take care of everything in the house so does the domovoi and in this case the Rumplestiltskin. This is a just right book for me because I enjoyed the book I understood the book well and I could infer and inquire a lot.

The two characters I want to talk about are Kayla and Della. Kayla is one word spoilt. She's a girl who lives in a mill except she never ever works. Kayla was raised by being spoilt by her father thinking he'll get her what ever she wants and the Miller in this case does. Kayla doesn't really love her father as much as he does for her but she doesn't care so when she gets captured by the king she blames it all on her father (Miller) so she screams and crys and when the helpful domovoi comes she acts rude and mean. Kayla changes in a different way from other characters she learns to love her family and not to hurt them as she did with her father. What made her change was that the king married her so she softened up. Della is really different from Kayla Della lives in a Mill but she does work and she works to help her father. Della will do anything it takes to get money for her family and keep it together. Della loves her father but she hates it when he gets to drunk. Her father will say anything and thats how she got locked in a tower but she doesn't blame her father. Della changed in this book because she thought that the king was a great man and loved his family as mush as she did but he didn't so Della leaves this place and goes with Rumplestiltskin to another world.

The problem in the story was resolved by Della running away with Rumplestiltskin. I think this was a good ending because Della went to a better place with her daughter and Rumplestiltskin this was happy because the king loved Della only for her beauty not about what she was on the inside a hard working girl. I would like to change the part when Rumplestiltskin's brother ate his leg because that was really was not part of the story and if Rumplestiltskin's brother was trying to save him so he shouldn't have eaten the leg. The message in the story would be don't believe everything you hear because they might not be true.