The Rumpelstiltskin Problem - March 2 2010

The book I have just finished reading was 'The Rumpelstiltskin Problem' by Vivian Vande Velde. This book was an interesting book and it made me feel disgusted and happy at the same time. The part in the book that disgusted me was when Rumplestiltskin stamped his foot and he falls down a crack and his brothers holds his foot but Rumplestiltskin fell down the crack and his brother was holding his leg so he ate it. The part of the book that made me happy was when Della asked Rumplestiltskin to take her between the particles to where Rumplestiltskin lived. Then the lived happily ever after. A connection I have from this book to another book was when Rumplestiltskins or the domovoi had to take care of everyone in the house the house elfs in the Harry Potter series had to take care of everything in the house so does the domovoi and in this case the Rumplestiltskin. This is a just right book for me because I enjoyed the book I understood the book well and I could infer and inquire a lot.

The two characters I want to talk about are Kayla and Della. Kayla is one word spoilt. She's a girl who lives in a mill except she never ever works. Kayla was raised by being spoilt by her father thinking he'll get her what ever she wants and the Miller in this case does. Kayla doesn't really love her father as much as he does for her but she doesn't care so when she gets captured by the king she blames it all on her father (Miller) so she screams and crys and when the helpful domovoi comes she acts rude and mean. Kayla changes in a different way from other characters she learns to love her family and not to hurt them as she did with her father. What made her change was that the king married her so she softened up. Della is really different from Kayla Della lives in a Mill but she does work and she works to help her father. Della will do anything it takes to get money for her family and keep it together. Della loves her father but she hates it when he gets to drunk. Her father will say anything and thats how she got locked in a tower but she doesn't blame her father. Della changed in this book because she thought that the king was a great man and loved his family as mush as she did but he didn't so Della leaves this place and goes with Rumplestiltskin to another world.

The problem in the story was resolved by Della running away with Rumplestiltskin. I think this was a good ending because Della went to a better place with her daughter and Rumplestiltskin this was happy because the king loved Della only for her beauty not about what she was on the inside a hard working girl. I would like to change the part when Rumplestiltskin's brother ate his leg because that was really was not part of the story and if Rumplestiltskin's brother was trying to save him so he shouldn't have eaten the leg. The message in the story would be don't believe everything you hear because they might not be true.

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