My Sister Jodie- April 22nd 2010

I have just finished reading the book my my sister Jodie by Jacquline Wilson. This was a very deep book about the relationship of the two sisters Pearl and Jodie I always felt happy when Pearl would look up to Jodie to do the right things it made me feel like I was the one looking for advice from and elder. The book also made me feel awkward about some of the crazy things that Jodie did for example when Jodie told the 5 year olds the story ghosts and ghouls I didn't understand why she did that because they were really young and they could have got really frightened by these stories. A connection I have with this book is when Jodie starts to make friends of her own but still remembers Pearl and watches over her it reminds me of when all of my sisters friends had left and I comforted her through the hard times of making friends. This is a just right book for me because I understand the characters emotions through out the book and I understand the problems between the sisters because I can connect to some of the same fights me and my sister have had.

The two big characters in the book would be Pearl and Jodie. Jodie is wild, crazy and strange but she always remembers the most important thing in her life, Pearl. When Jodie's family moves to a posh school her parents think that she will turn into one of these posh girls too. Jodie stays the same during the summer still daring and courageous but when term starts Jodie is pushed by all the people in her grade level teasing her hair, which is bright orange. Jodie tries to fit in by dying her hair. Jodie starts to accept that she had to become a little more posh. She slowly becomes more responsible rather than her crazy self. Pearl is exactly the opposite of Jodie she's timid shy doesn't like making friends and very brainy. Pearl always followed her big sister wanting to dress like her act like her and grow up to be her. This all changes when Pearl goes to this posh school and starts making friensd. Everyone in Pearls last class would tease her and poke her shove her and be mean but she actually starts to fit in with the children who are just like her. Pearl starts to change now she doesn't need her sister to rely on she's brave still timid but now can make friends.

The problem of the story was resolved when Jodie started to fit in with the children in her class. I think the resolution was a perfect way for Jodie to fit in because she still has the touch of being adventurous. It made me feel that Jodie would be okay at this school and people would accept her I was relieved. The part of the book that I would like to change would be at the end of the book which ends tragically as Jodie falls off a tower and passes away. I would like to end the book with Jodie's family staying at Melchester College which was the only place where Pearl fit in but at the end they could never stand to see the tower again. I think Jacquline's message is keep the ones you love close to you at all times no matter what happens.


  1. I liked how you explained how the characters lookes like and acts like. But there were some spelling mistakes. But your reading response made me feel that I want to read them as well.

  2. Excellent blog! I can really relate to Jodie because I know how it feels like to be made fun of and trying to fit in. It's amazing how much you can sacrifice just to fit in. I agree that it is pretty tragic for Jodie to fall down a tower- i'm assuming she did this because she couldn't fit in. Nevertheless, this book is definitely a book I would like to read. Even though, I'm not exactly like Pearl, I don't "stick" to my sister, in fact I do the opposite most of the time, but it is important to keep your loved ones close. I have a disagreement though. I don't think we should keep the ones you love colse to yo at all times- some times but I don't think all.
    Thanks, great blog,

  3. I really enjoyed reading your blog and I thought you did really well telling us what the characters were like and how they related. I also like the connection you did. One thing I think you should do is I think you should put in more feelings about the characters in the book. But everything else is interesting.

  4. When I say in my blog keep the ones you love close to you I mean have them near you so you don't push them away not as to stick to them every minute of every day

  5. This is a very good blog. I like the way you expressed the author's message. Your connection is very well written about you and your sister. I think that you should talk a little bit more about how that characters change. I didn't really understand that part, but overall, it was a great response.