Tracker - May 4 2010

The book I have just finished reading is Tracker by Gary Paulsen. This book made me feel sad when I found out that Johns grandfather is going to die there was nothing he could do I got worried and sad at the same time because John loved his grandfather, his parents were dead and he lived with his grandfather and grandmother for most of his life so to know that one of the people that are taking care of you are going to die it makes you feel worried for this person. The book also made me feel surprised at some of Johns actions for example when John goes hunting by himself not with his grandfather you would think that he'd go hunting and then come back to his dying grandfather but he didn't which surprised me. A connection I have with the book is when John thinks in his head about the idea of his grandfather dead it makes him weep and cry to just see him in his head. This happened to me except I saw my grandfather weak which made my eyes blur it was very hard to imagine him like this. This connection helps me to understand how John was feeling. This is a just right book for me because I can make connections to understand the characters feelings but I wasn't good in predictions of the book or understanding some sentences.

A character I want to talk about is John. John went through some tough times in the beginning understanding that there was nothing he could do for his grandfather, but when he goes hunting by him self not what he usually does he seems to forget about his grandfather all he cared about was hunting down this deer which seemed to be special. John changes because in the beginning of the book he's worried about his grandfather then he seems to forget which was a surprising turn in the book but then he comes back home and remembers his grandfather but is not as unhappy as he was before. I also want to talk about John's grandmother. Knowing that someone who loves you is going to die is bad but knowing that the person your married to is going to die is worse. John's grandmother must have heard this news and must have thought that it was not true but everyone's time comes. John's grandmother weeped when no one was looking she cried all the time but when John leaves and he's gone for two days she seems to only think about John. I think she was only worried about John because she knew that her husband was going to die and I don't think she would want to lose some one else that she loved and cared about. Another reason is what will happen to her she was only a house wife what would she do to eat, how would she get money? I think that these things were the things that worried her the most. She changes because like John she was worried about her husband but now she understands every one's time comes ad she has to except that.

The problem of the story was resolved when John manages to track the doe and touch her. He then understands that every thing does not have to be slaughtered. I find this a strange resolution because the first problem of the story was John's grandfather dying, I thought that there would be some mistake and he lived but then the story is steered in a differrent direction as John's mind is focused on touching a doe. I found this strange why did he want to touch the doe? The author never really put any information about this which surprised me. What I would change in the book would be the part of John trying to touch the deer this was strange and I don't think it had anything to do with John's grandfather. The authors theme would be life goes on and you can't stop it. First you come to the world then your time comes and you leave. This a true message but I do not like how it was written into the book.

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