Diary of a Wimpy kid: Dog Days

The book I have just finished reading was "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days" by Jeff Kinney. This book made me feel happy and light-hearted because this book was a humorous book. At one point in the book it made me scared for a second but then I found it funny. The book also makes me feel surprised at the tricks the boy (Greg Heffly) does in the book. I have a connection from an event that happened to me last summer when I got my dogs I loved them a lot but then they started to annoy me.

The characters that changed a lot in this book were Greg and his little brother Manny. Greg changed in this book because in the beginning of the book he wasn't out side playing games he was inside the house playing video games but towards the end of the book Greg went out side to the town pool and he got involved in more sports. Greg's little brother Manny kept acting like a baby throughout the series because in the middle of this book Greg, Rodrick Greg's older brother and Manny went to a pet store to buy pets everyone bought fish and Manny bought fish food and when they got home they found that Manny ate half of the pack. In the middle of the book I also found many unresponsible but at the end of this book Manny had changed by growing up and doing things by himself.

The resolution to the book was that Greg finds the summer holidays fun and pledges to go outside more in the summer holidays I don't find this a good ending because usually Jeff Kinney usually ends his books in a way where Greg comes back to the point where he stays in the house again. What I would want to change in the book is that Greg should love his dog instead of finding it annoying. The authors message in this book is love your family the way your family loves you back.

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  1. Interesting that a book can be both scary and funny at the same time. I wish you had provided examples of this. You could have explained your connection better as I am not sure how it helped you understand the story better.
    Loving pets is importrant to the pets as well as the owners. Both of them will be benefit a great deal with love. However, why is it that Greg foud his dog annoying. Perhaps you could have provided an example from the book to let me know more about this. Also, were there times that this was not true.
    I relly like the message of this book.