The Sign of the Beaver -December, 1th, 2009

Matt watched as his father went into the forest, to pick up the rest of his family . He was left alone with the cabin, the responsibility of the cabin. Matt was in charge of his fathers rifle. Matt started to hunt for food always leaving the door open. One day while Matt as hunting for food he came back to find all of his food gone. He was hungry, desperate for food and he did find a bee hive but got stung so badly he didn't know what happened when he fell of the tree. He woke up to see a dark friendly face looking down on him and a boy Matt's age standing tall looking at Matt like filth , he obviously knew that Matt was a white man and Matt knew that he was . The man's name was Sackness he made a deal with Matt to teach his grandson Attean how to read English.

The months passed as the days passed and the hours past as Attean became the teacher and Matt became the student. Attean taught Matt how to survive without sugar and flour. Attean did take Matt to his village, Matt met a lot of people including Attean's grandmother. She first thought of Matt like filth but she soon got to know Matt and treated him better. Unfortunately Attean's tribe was leaving for the Winter and wasn't coming back.

Matt waited as he grew he waited. The day he heard someone outside he rushed to greet his family and hugged them.

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