The Whipping Boy- Summary

Prince Horace was a brat. So everyone called him prince brat, but obviously behind his back. Jemmy was a whipping boy, he was everything prince brat wasn't he was smart and knew how to write unlike prince brat who took lessons everyday but didn't learn anything. Prince brat barely had any brains, so in the middle of the night he asked Jemmy to come with him. The two boys took a horse and ventured into the dark forest. In the middle of their trip in the forest they get caught by two cutthroats by the names of Hold-Your- Nose-Billy and Cutwater. The two men took Jemmy and Prince brat into their hut. The two cutthroats knew that a Prince could write and Prince brat couldn't so they thought of Jemmy as the Prince. Jemmy eventually formed a plan so they could escape and they did. They both wandered in the carnival, until Jemmy saw sign which was saying that their was a price on Jemmy's head. Jemmy felt betrayed so he ran down into the sewers where he was raised and abandoned Prince brat, but Prince brat followed Jemmy and they stuck together until they heard to familiar voices. Cutwater and Hold-Your-Nose-Billy. The two boys ran through the sewers to get away from them. The two boys managed to escape, but Prince brat betrayed Jemmy and handed him in- or that is what Jemmy thought. Prince brat talked to his father about the two boys running away. When the two big doors opened the King told Jemmy he was safe under the princes protection only if Prince brat did his lessons.

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